Vintage Volvo’s

In one of her most recent projects, tia has taken her artist’s eye for line and movement to launch a new series based on line paintings of what she terms “the moving art” of vintage cars.

Drawing on the infatuation with vintage Volvos that she shares with her husband, Chuck, a former Volvo executive, tia found herself drawn to capturing the unique design and fluid movement of their beloved vehicles (the couple will soon have three vintage cars parked in their driveway!).  The result is these paintings, which tia has made available as both prints and as high-quality note cards through the Volvo Club of America. You can purchase these items through their Web site →

Now that she’s captured her own Vintage Volvo passion, tia’s begun to receive requests for new line paintings of vehicles that inspire her fans. She’ll keep you up to speed as new versions are unveiled!

About Tia

Raised in the Texas Panhandle, tia’s artistic inclination was influenced by the deep tradition of creating with your hands passed down from both of her grandmothers and her mother, who quilted as a means of creative expression...[Read more]