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The KCB Posse

Survivor Sandy

Sandy Emmett has been kicking cancer’s butt since 2005. Supported by Mike, Courtney, Jenny and a host of coworkers and friends, she was steadfast throughout her ordeal. A breast cancer survivor, her attitude during surgery, chemo and radiation became artist tia lynn’s inspiration because she “took names and kicked butt”.

Courageous Carol

A grand posse surrounded Carole Robason during her long struggle with cancer. She will always be remembered for her amazing smile and unforgettable laughter. Even though her life was cut short, she graced the world with two amazing people, Holly Robason Beitel and Kelly Robason.

Jubilant JoAnn

Jo Ann Wilberger , her steadfast sidekick Will and long time neighbors circled the wagons to support her. She was always the first to help other, even when fighting her own battle.

Jo Ann, always the one to laugh first and laugh loudest.

Empowered Emily

Emily Mahannah has been kicking cancer’s butt since1998. A breast cancer survivor, her own posse (sons Ryan and Jim plus husband Gary) supports her as she continues to enjoy life to it’s fullest. A life force to be reckoned with…not the kind that comes roaring across the plains in the form of a tornado, but the smallest of beautiful birds that shakes its feathers after the storm has passed and is the first to start up with her song.

Rowdy Ryan

Ryan Klee was diagnosed with cancer while playing college baseball at the age of 19. When the cancer returned, he took the bull by the horns, stayed in school at the University of Florida and underwent chemo. Now healthy, and some might say a bit rowdy, he is working as the Public Relations Manager for Lenz, Inc and stays actively involved in the fight against cancer.

Magnificent Melissa

Melissa Adams is standing in faith and leaning on family and friends. Her focus is to laugh every day. Being diagnosed at age 28, a family history of beast cancer loosing my mother, grandmother and grandfather made self examination a reality from age 16. Fully recovered, she is a self employed Project Manager loving the spice of life.

Kick Ass Chris

Chris Lybeer was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 27 while married to Jennifer. Daughter Holly was 2 at the time, and served as a huge inspiration, along with the strength of Jennifer, to beat the odds. Daughter Hope came along 4 years post cancer as a sign that miracles can happen. Now 17 years a survivor, Chris knows his life was changed by the experience and he gives back by spending as much time with his family as possible and helping the Georgia Cancer Foundation serve others in need. He is truly Kicking Cancer’s Butt!

Nature Nancy

Nancy dearly loved her husband Andy, and her children Eric and Anne. She also had a deep love of the ocean. Even during her six-year battle with cancer, she maintained her flair to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. All who were fortunate enough to know her will forever celebrate her as a world traveler, explorer, nurturer and an exceptionally warm and caring spirit.

Biker Bobi

The original Biker Babe created for Bikers Battling Breast Cancer – a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Biker Bobi kick-started the Art of BBBC by tia lynn and she leads the Biker Babe Brigade.

A signature helmet replicating the helmet in the painting created with Swarovski Crystals soon followed! Each year these one of a kind pieces are auctioned off at the annual Bikers For Boobs Poker Rally.

Biker Beth

Known to people far and wide as “Biker Beth”, she graciously took on the responsibility of serving as Bikers Battling Breast Cancer’s Ms.1-in-8 and newest member of the KCB Posse in 2009. Beth, a true “BIKER GIRL” in every sense, taught us about love, joy, faith, hope, compassion and peace. I was proud to call her my friend. Beth Barrett 1957-2010.

Biker Cathy

2010′s BBBC Biker Babe found her breast cancer while performing a breast self examination when she was just 33 years old. A survivor and thriver, Cathy had undergone a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and chemotherapy. She took on the challenge of learning to ride a motorcycle as a way of celebrating her life after breast cancer and was chosen as one of twelve participants by Harley Davidson to ride across California to raise breast cancer awareness.

Cathy and her close friend Sheri (herself a breast cancer survivor) co-founded B R A (Bikers Riding for Awareness, Inc.) a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of Breast Cancer Survivors in 2006. They ride motorcycles to high schools across the state of Georgia educating Junior and Senior girls on the importance of early Breast Cancer detection (Self Breast Exams) while raising breast cancer awareness. It is only fitting that her image graces the “Listen Up!” Breast Self Examination Shower Hanger Reminder.

Troubadour Thom

At the heart of this image is Thom’s smile! His is the first of the posse that tia graced with a smile with teeth! But that is what Thom is all about … as a survivor and a thriver he shows his enthusiasm with a smile that touches everyone that he meets. Young at heart and full of fight, a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter blasts through the purple ribbon that represents testicular cancer. Right below the fighter is “Big Red”, a Taylor 615CE … his special guitar that was given to him by friends after Mary Sue England collected the money while he was battling cancer the second time. What an amazing gift of friendship and encouragement that must have been. The images representing his “Redneck Yacht Club” song decorate the other side of his shirt.

Thom proudly serves the troops of the United States by performing through the Armed Forces Entertainment.  He has traveled to 14 different countries to date and tia has cleverly hidden away each country’s name in his camouflage shirt.

The outside border depicts the musical score to “Redneck Yacht Club” and is adorned with 4 guitar picks representing significant parts of his life and the corners have a traditional compass rose to help guide him as he travels into unknown territory … depicted by the red corvette from “Riding with Private Malone” and the wide open roads of the Big Bend area of Texas.

Good luck Thom on your journey into “Uncharted Territory” … and keep on Kicking Cancer’s Butt!

To learn more about Thom you can check out his website ~ Thom

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