kick cancer’s butt

tia lynn, creator of Kick Cancer’s Butt artwork is a passionate artist who believes in the healing power of art.

Her images pay homage to those who have faced the dreaded disease of cancer. One never knows what those images may be or how they will be used…a cowboy, biker babe, dragonfly or even a special pink ribbon daisy.  Bold, bright and empowering, tia hopes they can move and inspire the viewer to help kick cancer’s butt!

tia will focus her talents in 2011 on using the artwork of Kick Cancer’s Butt to help encourage and empower the young pediatric patients.

The artwork of KCB is now being used as an integral part of the Love Me…Love My Journey Program. tia urges you to learn more about the program and to saddle up with the KCB Posse!

About Tia

Raised in the Texas Panhandle, tia’s artistic inclination was influenced by the deep tradition of creating with your hands passed down from both of her grandmothers and her mother, who quilted as a means of creative expression...[Read more]